Cantilever Racks

Cantilever Racking is formed using heavy duty structural uprights and heavy duty arms. It is normally used for storage of long loads. Cantilever Racks are great to organize a warehouse, lumber yard or manufacturing facility. So often, companies put bulk items like Pipes, Tubes, Aluminum sheets, flake board, Steel Sheets, etc in piles on the floor - leaving it to the warehouse personnel to constantly sort unrelated heavy and bulky items. With cantilever racks, each type of product can be segregated by commodity and size.

  • Standard Height 2500mm
  • Standard width 900mm and multiple of 900mm
  • Standard Depth 600mm

Standard Sizes :
2500mm X 2500mm
3000mm X 3000mm

Cantilever Rack-1
Cantilever Rack-2
Cantilever Rack-3
Cantilever Rack-4