Pallet Racks

Pallet racking system are most simple and widely used pallet storage format, with all Pallets directly accessible. It comes with wide range of accessories and components tailor-made to suit different pallet sizes and your precise needs. All components involved in the manufacture are finished to perfection, phosphated and stove enamelled to a high quality and range of colours, supported by professionals and service backup.

Heavyduty Rack & Pallet Rack

Standard Height 2500mm
Standard Width 2500mm

Upright Frame
Upright 40 x 80mm x 14/g
Upright 50 x 100mm x 14/g

Loading Beam
40 x 80mm x 14/g
40 x 100mm x 14/g
50 x 100mm x 14/g

Sectional Panel
150 x 900 x 20/g
150 x 900 x18/g
150 x 1200 x 20/g
150 x 1200 x 18/g

Base Plate
125 X 125 X 3mm

200mm X 3mm
300mm X 3mm

Pallet Rack-1
Pallet Rack-2
Pallet Rack-3
Pallet Rack-4
Pallet Rack-5
Pallet Rack-6