Perforated Cable Tray

These are U shaped M.S. Channels , with center perforation and two side Collars. The Collars will be Perforated for Coupler Plate. It is fabricated from 1.6 mm or 2 mm thick sheet. The width of the center perforated portion, may vary from 50 mm to 1000 mm and the height of Collars may vary on specific demand. Its covers are fabricated. Covers are un-perforated channels. Generally fabricated as per requirement of gauge. The width of cover is 5 mm more than the width of the cover is generally 25 mm. Higher thickness is provided on demand. Length of Cover may be in one piece or in two pieces, if required.

  • Standard Sizes availables are:
  • Collar / Flange : 25mm, 40mm, 50mm
  • Width : 50mm to 900mm
  • Length : 2500mm

And any size can be made on order but length will be remain same.

Cable Tray made with M S sheet, G I Sheet & Aluminium Sheet
Finished with Enamel Paint, Powder Coated & Hot Dip Galvanized

Cable Tray
Perforated Cable Tray
Cable Tray Hanger
Vertical Bend
Horizontal Bend