Slotted Angle Racks

Shelving Racks are of three types, ie. OPEN TYPE, SEMI OPEN TYPE AND CLOSED TYPE. Besides these three types racks, we are fabricating other different types of racks also such as HEAVY DUTY PALLET RACKS. Storage racks having different load bearing capacity as per demand of the client. RACKS having different load bearing capacity in the same rack. PIGEON HOLE RACKS ( three sides covered racks having small compartments to store small components / parts ).

Shelves Standard Sizes "

9x33 12x33 15x33 18x33 24x33

9x36 12x36 15x36 18x36 24x36

Gauges Available
20/g & 18/g

We can fabricate any type or any size of rack as per the requirement of the party.

Steel Racks
Slotted Angle Racks
Open Type Rack
Multipurpose Rack-2
Closed Type Rack
Open Type Slotted Angle Rack-1
Open Type Slotted Angle Rack-3
Open Type Slotted Angle Rack-2
Slotted Angle Double Face Racks